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Use our calculators to get an idea of how our two service offerings can help you uncover hidden returns, cut costs and create a new source of revenue.

For buildings with central HVAC systems, our Central Systems Service uses advanced optimization strategies to cut energy use by 20% – 30% and deliver 20% – 40% ROI.

Annual Utility Spend (Electricity and Gas):

$3 million

Utility Spend Recovered from Tenants:

$3 million

How many years will you hold the building?

Will you sell the building in the next 10 years?

Yes No

Cap Rate (%):


Simple Cash Flow

Cash Upfront
Total Rent Paid to Owner
Lifetime Net Cash to Owner
Lifetime Net Cash to Tenant
Owner ROI
Increased Disposition Value
* Value based on a sale in year 2 with a cap rate of 6.5%

Cash Upfront

  • No upfront cost or capital expense required
  • Upfront payment is available and includes a 7% discount
  • Positive cash flow in year one, guaranteed

Total Rent Paid to Owner

Carbon Lighthouse pays rent to owners for access to remote sensors.

Lifetime net cash to owners and tenants

We work in all lease types to ensure the landlord benefits as well as tenants:

  • NNN: If tenants pay utility costs, we create a service contract paid by tenants, and then we pay owners rent for ongoing building access and sensor placements, similar to a cell antenna lease structure.
  • Full-Service Gross: If the landlord pays all utility costs, then we create a service contract to deliver an agreed upon level of savings. The owner receives the full value of savings accrued and pays the service contract.

Owner ROI

ROI is calculated dividing the total net cash to owner by total service cost to owner

Increased disposition value

  • Owners realize an average increased disposition value of $5-$10 per square foot by capping the increased NOI
  • An easy exit is always at hand, whether you buy out the contract or the new owner assumes Carbon Lighthouse’s service contract
  • 20% Utility Savings
  • 10 Year Contract Length
  • Portion of savings given to tenants
  • 4% Utility Escalator
  • Owners and Tenants Cash-Flow Positive Each Year

For buildings with available roof space, our Energy Efficiency + Solar Service combines low-cost retrofits with solar arrays to potentially eliminate utility bills and deliver 150% – 400% ROI.

Sq Ft.:


Annual electric cost:


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