CLUES® Wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Tech Innovation Award – And here’s why it matters for your portfolio

Over the past 10 years, Carbon Lighthouse has quietly fine-tuned CLUES®, our patented AI platform that projects and tracks ongoing value creation from energy investments in buildings, taking it from an internal gut check for our engineers to the patented AI platform that serves as the backbone of Carbon Lighthouse’s products and services. Today our hard work and the power of CLUES were validated by Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Technology Innovation Award. Analysis of the global building energy optimization market led Frost & Sullivan to recognize Carbon Lighthouse’s unique approach to Energy Savings-as-a-service to offer commercial real estate owners, investors and property managers financial, operational and environmental value on a portfolio level – unlike any other solution available on the market.

From the start, CLUES was designed to be adaptable. No two buildings are the same, but there are patterns. Our unique Efficiency Production approach uses the latest advancements in AI and machine learning built into CLUES layering in 100 building-specific data streams per site in addition to data like occupancy, location, weather patterns, energy use behaviors to develop thousands of potential energy use scenarios. These scenarios enable CLUES to reveal new, never-before-accessible patterns and helps clients capture the $100B of energy wasted across CRE every year. To date, CLUES has analyzed over 100 million sq ft of commercial real estate and 5 billion points of data in over 700 buildings nationwide and has helped unlock more than $76M in energy savings for clients, eliminating 243,000 tons of carbon. Buildings are infinitely unique with thousands of system combinations. This means CRE investors and owners now have a powerful, dynamic platform at their fingertips. More importantly, they are now armed with the insights gleaned from hundreds of buildings (versus a single building) to leverage for financial and environmental payoff across its entire portfolio, regardless of asset type.

“The data-driven insights that our CLUES platform unlocks enable us to deliver profitable climate solutions for building owners portfolio-wide.”

Brenden Millstein, Carbon Lighthouse CEO and co-founder

CRE is facing pressures from a number of externalities. Rising utility, insurance and labor costs and an increasingly fierce competitive market means asset managers GPs, and the operating side of CRE must extract values where others can’t find it. Technology has a long, successful track record for advancing industries and eliminating pain points with never-before-imagined solutions all around us. Supply chain management technologies have helped dramatically improve customer experiences with accurate inventory, delivery and customer support data – all while minimizing costs and mitigating risks, for example. And technology is poised once again to help – this time CRE owners and investors are primed to benefit. In fact, Carbon Lighthouse has some of the nation’s largest GPs working with us to show how they are gaining an edge through technology innovation.

“My investors care which is why I partner with companies like Carbon Lighthouse…With Carbon Lighthouse, we’re improving productivity, and efficiency for controllable and uncontrollable expenses.”

Ohana Real Estate Investors

The built environment is the largest CO2 emitter in the U.S. accounting for 40% of the national total. And with climate change now front and center on the global stage, Carbon Lighthouse is seeing more clients being asked to differentiate their management of assets around climate change related criteria. Owners, investors and property managers have made great headway with existing hardware and software solutions, LEEDS and Energy Star certifications and advanced recycling and waste reduction programs. And now, with CLUES it’s possible to achieve even more financially, environmentally, and operationally with technology that didn’t previously exist and at much lower costs.

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