Commercial Solar

It’s Time for a More Efficient Commercial Solar Service.

Once upon a time, the solar energy business was all about selling you as many panels as your roof could handle. But now there’s a brighter way to go solar that addresses your building’s total energy efficiency — so you end up installing only the solar panels you need.

With our efficient solar service, we take a whole-building approach that reduces your overall energy demand, delivers guaranteed, ongoing financial value and gives you a smarter solar supply than you’d get with a quick, solar-only fix.

More Savings,
No Upfront Cost

With our efficient solar service you’ll see greater savings than solar alone plus a boost to revenue, NOI and LEED and Energy Star scores for greater building value.

Solar Installs

By eliminating energy waste in your building first, your customized solar implementation will require up to 40% fewer panels for quicker installation and lower average costs.


We guarantee your energy savings in dollars and preserve your investment with ongoing energy performance management, sophisticated software, rigorous measurement and transparent verification.

Track Record

In more than 700 buildings across 16 states, we’ve managed the entire efficiency and solar process, from permitting to panels, and ensured each site is performing as expected.

Finally, Accountability for a Guaranteed Financial Return.

Unlike traditional solar installers, we guarantee your savings with ongoing, managed service that monitors, validates and preserves your investment to ensure you see the true value of your savings.

After all, if we can’t deliver the energy savings we promise, we won’t succeed in our mission to solve climate change.


“They guaranteed their performance… and they’ll either fix the problem or write us a check for the difference.
That really secured the deal.”

-Jerry Hippe, Operations & Sales Manager, SEW Eurodrive

The Carbon Lighthouse Mission

Because stopping climate change will only happen if we can make it easy and profitable, together we are engineering new ways to erase the 20% of global emissions from non-residential buildings.

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