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Helping Los Angeles reach its 100% net-zero building emission goals.

Carbon Lighthouse Los Angeles:

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We’re working on building energy efficiency in commercial real estate, hotels and schools to help Los Angeles reach its 100% net-zero building emission goals.

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Carbon Lighthouse Los Angeles

With Mayor Eric Garcetti putting the city on track to achieving a 45 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 — and net zero carbon emissions by 2050 — Los Angeles is an ideal locale for Carbon Lighthouse’s unique, data-driven clean energy service.

Since 2014, we’ve been delivering energy savings to over 100 Southern California commercial office buildings, hotels and K-12 schools from Los Angeles to San Diego.

And as the number one market in the Americas for real estate investment, according to CBRE, we knew we could make a greater impact in helping the Southland reduce carbon emissions by raising our commitment. 

One of the best ways to achieve net zero emissions in Greater Los Angeles is by making it very profitable for building owners to eliminate the carbon emissions from wasted energy.

With the opening of our fourth Carbon Lighthouse office — after San Francisco, New York and Honolulu — we’re using our Efficiency Production process to boost net operating income and increase overall asset value for clients like Kilroy Realty Corporation, Ohana Real Estate Investors, owners of the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel and Aspire Public Schools.

Our Santa Monica office team spans engineering, sales and marketing roles focused on our mission to stop climate change by scaling our Efficiency Production process. Visit our careers page and let your friends and colleagues know we’re hiring.

Helping to guide our progress in Southern California, Chris Rising, cofounder and CEO of Rising Realty Partners, which owns (a property we worked on?), is also a member of the Carbon Lighthouse Advisory Board.

Los Angeles Leads the Nation In Its Dedication to Fighting Climate Change.

We’re inspired by the city’s aggressive clean energy goals in support of the historic Paris Climate Agreement.

And while L.A. has long been known for its car-centric culture, poor public transit — and even a Carmageddon or two — city leaders now understand that commercial and residential buildings make up its largest source of carbon emissions.

Following similar commitments from New York City, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti recently unveiled his own “greenprint” for the city to reach 100% net-zero building emissions and 100% renewable energy, along with climate plans for vehicles and new green jobs.

We believe LA’s 2050 goal can be achieved a full 10 years ahead of schedule. How? By making energy efficiency profitable.

Technology advancements, behavioral changes and energy upgrades can substantially cut energy and improve the performance of buildings, all while maintaining tenant comfort and freeing up building teams to focus on other value-generating building projects.

Profit-Driven Climate Incentives Motivate Change

On the road to more energy-efficient commercial buildings, we can’t reduce the number of cars or compel people to use public transportation, but we can make it easier and more lucrative for businesses to prioritize reducing carbon emissions.

We founded Carbon Lighthouse on the belief that capitalism can save the planet by making it profitable for building owners to reduce carbon emissions, improve ESG ratings and fight climate change.

By aligning ESG and sustainability goals with market forces, we’re driving financial growth in a more climate-conscious direction.

And by turning energy efficiency into a tangible asset, Carbon Lighthouse is a very compelling and effective ESCO partner for a wide range of clients across Southern California. 

Learn more about our how we work in Los Angeles:

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Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Allowances

There is another way to achieve carbon neutrality that is little know about in business circles but well regarded in the energy and environmental community. They care called carbon allowances. Like Renewable Energy Certificates, carbon allowances have as a strong suit that they are verifiable. They are also limited in number, and cleared through the government and therefore much less susceptible to fraud.

Navigating Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality in theory is also not only a great way to improve the world, but also among the most market-efficient way to get there. If practiced universally would thwart the climate-changing gasses like carbon dioxide that pollute our air and oceans.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Offsets

How do we get to Carbon Neutral reliably? There is always a limit at which point it’s no longer cost-effective to reduce your carbon impact, and that is where carbon offsets and allowances come in.

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