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We’re bringing profit-driven carbon elimination to New York commercial real estate investors, building owners & hotels to drive NYSERDA’s sustainability goals through Building Energy Efficiency.

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Carbon Lighthouse New York

Everything counts in the fight against climate change, and even something as simple as a white, reflective coating — spread across over 10 million square feet of rooftops — has made New York City’s CoolRoofs initiative a success in stabilizing indoor temperatures.

On the other side of the complexity spectrum lies the progressive Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) program run by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The program offers landlords a 30% cost-share over five years to partner with approved vendors like Carbon Lighthouse to deploy RTEM solutions like our patented CLUES® software.

Fast Company honored CLUES for its 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards, selected from a pool of over 2,000 entries in the AI + Data category of.

Our CLUES proptech platform enables us to take on the complexity and variability of building equipment — and convert energy waste into guaranteed financial value, backstopped by Munich Re.

Staff at our Manhattan office spans engineering, sales and marketing roles focused on our mission to stop climate change by scaling our Efficiency Production process. Visit our careers page and let your friends and colleagues know we’re hiring.

How CRE Investors Can Profit from NYSERDA

With the program’s support, we’ll help commercial real estate owners and operators tackle the nearly 70% of total carbon emissions produced by buildings in New York City. 

Unlike other energy service companies (aka ESCOs), CLUES measures actual building energy consumption to model complex custom configurations we encounter at each new property we enter. 

While other ESCOs can deliver maintenance, software dashboards or equipment replacement, we are the only clean energy service with a financial deliverable — increased NOI that translates directly to profit. 

Carbon Lighthouse offers a new way to create value from energy savings, with no upfront cost or capex and attractive risk-adjusted returns with flexible deal structures.

Breaking New Ground in Energy Efficiency

At Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal Mall, we partnered with Madison International Realty, a leading global real estate private equity firm, as a model for commercial real estate owners to adopt energy efficiency measures.

As part of Madison’s revitalization of the Atlantic Terminal Mall, Carbon Lighthouse was engaged to reduce energy consumption, deliver energy efficiency enhancements and increase value at one of its most significant assets. 

“This property is the most significant in the Madison New York retail portfolio and the epicenter of life in Brooklyn. It is important that Atlantic Terminal be ground-breaking in its approach to carbon emissions and lead the way for others in the industry.”

Evan Walke, Madison International Realty portfolio manager, went on to say, “The RTEM project is not only environmentally beneficial, it is also profitable.”

Through this partnership, Atlantic Terminal and neighboring Atlantic Center will eliminate more than 7,600 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to planting a new Central Park every year for the next 10 years.

A Unique, Investment-Centered Approach To Energy Efficiency

NYSERDA originally launched the RTEM program in 2016, expanding it in 2017. Today, the total pool for projects sits at $42 million with only $12 million of the fund distributed, leaving ample opportunity and funding for additional projects in the coming years. 

To date, NYSERDA has qualified an estimated 75 vendors, but only 50% of those vendors are actively delivering project applications. 

Carbon Lighthouse is the only firm on the NYSERDA list — and in the wider industry as a whole — that can guarantee clients increased NOI.

There are a wide range of approaches to energy and building management systems, but Carbon Lighthouse is the only firm that can guarantee the real dollar value of 10-30% whole building energy savings while working within existing lease structures and at no upfront cost. 

We founded Carbon Lighthouse on the belief that capitalism can save the planet by making it profitable for building owners to reduce carbon emissions, improve ESG ratings and fight climate change.

By aligning ESG and sustainability goals with market forces, we’re driving financial growth in a more climate-conscious direction.

And by turning energy efficiency into a tangible asset, Carbon Lighthouse is a very compelling and effective ESCO partner for a wide range of New York clients. 


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Navigating Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality in theory is also not only a great way to improve the world, but also among the most market-efficient way to get there. If practiced universally would thwart the climate-changing gasses like carbon dioxide that pollute our air and oceans.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Offsets

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