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We’re delivering $2.36MM in lifetime savings for this customer:

Fewer panels, faster installs, lower cost

Unlike traditional solar installers, we make buildings more efficient to reduce the number of panels you need by up to 40% for lower overall cost, faster installs and greater savings than a solar-only fix.

More Savings, Lower Operating Expenses

With zero upfront cost, we bring cash back to your business by cutting energy use even before evaluating your facility’s true solar requirements.

Guaranteed Real Dollar Savings

Beyond watts and warranties, we guarantee $100K+ in savings for local businesses every month — and if we’re off, we cut you a check.

Small Business Solar Specialists

We minimize disruption and manage the entire process, from permitting and panels to ongoing energy performance verification.

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Less Solar,
More Savings.

We cut your energy costs before installing solar with an efficiency-first approach that reduces the panels you need by up to 40%, for faster installs and a lot more savings — guaranteed. Try our Solar Calculator and see how much more you can save over “solar as usual.”

Sq Ft.:


Annual electric cost:


In more than 500 buildings across 16 states, we bring 60+ years in leadership experience, and we ensure your solar system keeps performing as expected.

This is how we cut panels by up to 40%.

We Analyze Energy Use

Using hundreds of sensors to capture massive new datasets, we establish your building’s baseline energy consumption and potential performance.

We Cut Energy Use

To find hidden inefficiencies that other technologies can’t detect, we use these giant data sets to model hundreds of thousands of potential actions and scenarios with our proprietary CLUES® software.

We Install Solar

Because we start with building efficiency and model out actual whole-building energy use, we’re able to reduce the number of panels you need by up to 40% – cutting hard costs before rebates, and getting the solar install done faster.

We Guarantee Savings

Because energy performance drift is inevitable and the sun doesn’t always shine, our ongoing service detects and resolves new issues to ensure guaranteed dollars — and eliminate risk. If we don’t provide the guaranteed savings every year, we cut you a check.

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Forbes Carbon Emissions for Commercial Real Estate Portfolios

The Carbon Lighthouse Mission

Because stopping climate change will only happen if we can make it easy and profitable, together we are engineering new ways to erase the 20% of global emissions from non-residential buildings.

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