Webinar: ESG & the Biden Administration’s Impact on CRE

With the Biden administration’s plan to require reductions in carbon emissions contributed by buildings, how are CRE leaders leveraging ESG for climate impact and real portfolio value?

In this webinar hosted by GlobeSt, Eric Smith of L&B Realty Advisors and Joe Ward of Ohana Real Estate Investors sat down with Carbon Lighthouse CMO JJ Steeley to discuss their ESG strategies for 2021, as an integral layer of their overall asset management strategies.

The panelists dissect the macrotrends that create a promising path for ESG and economic recovery in 2021 – including a new administration, the influence of capital markets, tenant and guest demands around ESG and indoor air quality (IAQ), and how technological advancements will empower CRE and hospitality to capitalize on ESG for real portfolio value and climate impact.

To stay competitive and thrive in today’s evolving market, CRE professionals must have clear ESG plans with proven, data-backed results.

With sustainability and climate change are at the forefront of every business environment today, the new administration’s plan specifically requires the reduction of carbon emissions contributed by buildings — with subsequent consequences for continued polluters.

States and cities are also following suit with their own carbon reduction requirements and associated penalties for non-compliant assets. Further, capital market demands from the world’s leading pension funds and investors are demanding ESG and actively divesting from non-sustainable investments.

The webinar also explores deeper aspects of ESG for commercial real estate:

  • How leading CRE owners and investors and hoteliers are successfully achieving ESG impact or portfolio-wide value through energy savings and carbon reduction solutions
  • How ESG drives competitive differentiation for tenants and investors alike
  • Why capital markets are making ESG a critical factor in evaluating investment opportunities
  • The new administration’s climate plan and its impact on CRE portfolios
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